The State of College Athletics

Willie Taggart was fired by Florida State University within the first two years of his contract.  A winning streak and a bowl streak ended under his reign.  However, that may not tell the entire story if you are close to the program.  His predecessor, Jimbo Fisher left amid controversy that he demanded better facilities as the team’s success was trending in the wrong direction. Many people blamed Jimbo initially, but as the second season was winding down and an terrible lost to the arch rival Miami by 17 points at home Taggart’s fate was sealed.  It has been reported that he received upwards of $18 million in an eventual buyout that has left FSU scrambling for a head coach. There is a lot that can be made of the firing of Coach Taggart.  The layers are as many as a weeding cake for the royal family.  Some suggest race played a factor as you compare his tenure with others around the country in his same hire class who are White, of course.  Others, believe that he was not given a chance to have anyone from his recruit class play a major role, which caused his demise.  However, many believe that he didn’t not show enough emotion or passion when guys made mistakes or referees made bad calls.  Some people pointed to the lack of discipline by the players and it was not that FSU lost, but it was how they lost.  Others believe that he just didn’t get the job done- and he was fired off of merit alone and it was about wins and losses.  Regardless, college football is a win now culture.  College football is like the NCAA tournament in march- win or go home. When schools are willing to fork over 20 or 30 million dollars and pay another coach nearly the same contract to take over the program- essentially paying two coaches at the same time- you better know that college athletics is big business.  This is not about waving a flag or participating in tail-gait Saturday. It is about the product, the schools reputation, and that almighty dollar.

About the author: Dr. Kendrick Scott