The celebration that celebrations produced: Ole Miss star pee celebration that ultimately cost his team a chance at winning an important game

Elijah Moore has been the subject of many dubious conversations after his celebration penalty made turned a gimmie extra point into one that was harder and eventually missed. Moore, however is only mimicking what this society is all about, the one-up. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram is laden with the posts of individuals hoping for some minor fame. In addition, excessive celebrations have become the norm in professional football since the rules committee has a more relaxed stance on celebrations.

Therefore, of course, it has trickled into amateur sports. More and more players are rehearsing their celebrations in hopes of a little attention. In this case it happens to cost a team greatly.   After scoring a touchdown with less than 10 seconds left, Moore assumed the position of a dog by hoisting one leg in the air after being on all fours and mimic peeing on the filed.

He was ultimately flagged pushing the field goal attempt back 15 yards where the kicker missed the extra point to tie the game. Of course, Moore will be blamed for now until eternity, but this is the risk that we take when we celebrate the creativity of celebrations.   Celebrations beget celebrations and then they cross the line, a team is punished, and the player lives in infamy. Let’s not get rid of the celebrations, but maybe this is a lesson that there is only so much you can do to impress folks and you never know when it will be too much.

About the author: Dr. Kendrick Scott