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The Course

The Course

In this course there will be 8 modules. Each module is designed with the novice in mind. I have been researching for years and this is the best information available.
Module I: The Alpha Bet Recruiting Mindset: 26 Ideas to Prepare You for The Journey
Module II: Meeting the Basic Requirements (Academics, Core Courses, GPAs, ACT and SAT scores )
Module III: Using social media, QR Codes, Communication Tactics
Module IV: The Secrets To Getting Exposure
Module V: Choosing the Right Schools
Module VI: Official and Unofficial Visits(Asking for the Scholarships)
Module VII: Protecting your Brand (NIL Deals, Domain Names, Trademarks)
Module VIII: Transition to Life

Beyond the Modules

  •  NIL Deals in College Sports
  •  List of Colleges Spreadsheet
  •  Film Evaluation
  •  Choosing Positions
  •  Major Course of Study
  •  Financial Aid
  •  College Essay Writing
  •  Audit Defense
  •  Position Coaching
  •  And a FREE copy of my book

Type your email address for more information on when the next Coaching Cohort will begin. Only limited number of students accepted every 4 weeks. Time is of the essence for most, so plan accordingly.

"If you wait until you are perfect you will never do anything."
Bobby Bowden