Racism and The NFL – A Family Tradition

Where have I been? I was watching Monday night football this past Monday night and just realized that Hank Williams, Jr. has returned to the NFL. I googled this and low and behold this happened in 2017. While this is old news, Hank Williams, Jr. was not on the air for six years after making some disparaging remarks about Barack Obama a few years earlier. I grew up a fan of country music and fan of Hank, Jr. Actually his dad Hank Williams was a favorite of mine too. You may be thinking that you don’t know his dad, but if you have ever watched the classic movie, “The Shawshank Redemption”, the song that Andy Dufrane blasts over the loudspeaker after taking a long break in the warden’s office was his classic, “ Love Sick Blues ” by Hank Williams, Sr. Hank, Sr was a very talented musician who died very young. It is believed that alcohol abuse was a contributing factor. So, Hank, Jr earlier in his career tried to have the same sound as his dad, but it didn’t work. He, too began to abuse drugs and alcohol and later found success in his own way. He fused a southern rock style of music with his own and would later record one of his more popular albums and songs with the same title, which was, Family Tradition. In the song he recites lyrics that his lifestyle is just a family tradition- modeled after his dad. Later he would record a song titled, “All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight.” which would later transform into the NFL jingle that was the intro for Monday Football for years. However, after President Obama was elected, many people, who I liked especially in entertainment and television became a disappointment to me with how they spoke about former president Obama. It was more than just criticism it was almost seemly visceral hate. After one his Kid Rock-type tirades, he was relieved of his song singing duties from MNF. In 2017, after 6 years away the NFL made way for his return along with his catchy song. I find it interesting that Hank, Jr. was allowed to return, which is a sharp contrast to Colin Kaepernick, who it seems apparent will never get another opportunity to play in the NFL. Bocephus, as Hank, Jr. -nicknamed by his dad was able to wait until the dust settled and be welcomed back with open arms, while the dust will never settle for Kap. The racism by the NFL, which has kept one of the most talented players out of the NFL has allowed Hank, Jr to return to business as usual. I guess the racism, hat has been a blockade for Colin, – I guess is just a “Family Tradition.”

About the author: Dr. Kendrick Scott