Pay for Play

The State of Collegiate Athletics is up in the air with the recent ruling of pay for play legislation in California.  While I applaud those who have had a hand in seeing this get to this point and I do not seek to malign the effort that it took to make this a reality, there is obviously more work to do.   From what I know, the legislation will allow collegiate athletes to make money on their likeness.  Great.  However, I contend that there are only a few players that will benefit from the rule- unless they figure out how to break-up some of the revenue that is derived from video games to larger segment of the student-athlete population.

I see the system as perfectly broken- the NCAA will do something to appease, but will never go far enough to bring fairness. Therefore, the athlete has to take control and make sure he is receiving a fair exchange for his time.  I believe that there are many things that schools can do in the interim -while we await the NCAA to do the right thing- ode to Spike Lee.

Some of these proposals are forthcoming…stay tuned…

About the author: Dr. Kendrick Scott