The Circus Act of FSU’s Coaching Saga

The Cardiff giant was fake giant that was put on display for people to see by George Hull, which drew massive crowds and made a lot of money. P.T. Barnum tried to buy the act from Hull, but was denied. So, he created one himself and said that the “real one”, owned by George Hull, was a hoax.   Hull, said about the people going to see P.T. Barnum’s version of the 10-foot- 5 inch giant that, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” (Although P.T. has been credited with the saying) It turns out they were both hoaxes.

So it appears there may be a glitch in the contract singing by Willie Taggart as have been reported on several internet news sites. While ultimately, if any of this has any merit it would not be a great look for Coach Taggart. However, FSU would not be absolved of any professionalism scars either. If true and it’s a big if, I would urge FSU to do the right thing and pay the guy the contract that was offered.

At will, OPS, career service, contract worker, upwork consultant or whatever it maybe; pay the man. The optics of the FSU program is already approaching one that mirrors something created by P.T. Barnum and no one who is connected with the program enjoys answering those questions. What are they doing? I have no skin in the game other than seeing FSU return to prominence- oh wait and the skin I left on the field, but I digress. If Coach T. and his associates made this mistake -shame on them. If FSU chooses to drag this out and go through legal proceedings to get out of paying this contract – well shame on them. We have recruits to sign, coaches to hire, and upgrade to facilities to complete. So, hopefully this is a slow news day and none of this has any validity. Hopefully, Coach T can collect whatever is owed to him and move on and FSU can talk about the direction of their next head coach and let the ghosts of coaches’ pass like Willie Taggart and Jimbo Fisher (are we still talking about him) go.

As the old saying go in football don’t let one play beat you twice. FSU cannot afford to have the misfortune of the Willie Taggart hire to beat the program twice. It didn’t work out already. Now- don’t let it [the hire] not working out make the program so unattractive that it hurts FSU’s chances of hiring quality coaches and signing quality players. That would cost way more than $18 million and at that point we may be adding elephants, acrobats, tightrope walkers and trapeze acts to what may very well turn into noting more than a circus act.

About the author: Dr. Kendrick Scott