Retirement Has No Fury Like an Aging Superstar

Carmelo Anthony is a first-ballot hall of famer, but has fallen into the abyss of infamy draining whatever is left in the tank believing that there’s something left in the tank.   Carmelo is a prime example of the superstar who stays on the court, in the ring, or on the field too long. It is often said that the superstar is the last one to find out that he just doesn’t have it anymore. However, his love for the game or his denial of his fading skills keeps him hanging on a little too long.

Last year Carmelo basically did not play because he found no suitors for his services. He went on a press run asking, appealing, or well begging someone or anyone to sign him and give him another chance. He believes and he said as such that it was bigger than basketball.   Maybe he has a point.  However, the only part that is bigger than basketball is his age. The years have flown by and he can’t believe it. He’s like old friends playing pick up at the park talking trash about how it used to be, but in denial about what it is.

Carmelo will have some flashes of good offensive games. He can score. He is still a good enough player to score 20pts in a game every now and then. He is an all-time great and this is no surprise. But, he can’t move well enough to compete at that level to contend for anything significant. Furthermore, he doesn’t realize that the basketball world just wants him to go count his money and get on that banana boat that awaits him. We do love a comeback story and I am glad he got another shot.  However, Carmelo needs to understand that this is not a start to a new career, but rather it’s an ending to an old one.


About the author: Dr. Kendrick Scott