They are Really Standing Up

Before one of the many NBA games, organizations were unified by wearing Black Lives Matter T-Shirts and kneeling, while the National Anthem Played. However, one player, Jonathan Issac, decided not to kneel or wear a Black Lives Matter T-Shirt. For the record, I FULLY SUPPORT HIS and anyone else’s RIGHT NOT to KNEEL OR NOT […]

FSU – Time For Change

The world is changing. The recent killing of another unarmed black man, George Floyd has sparked protests worldwide.  From here, we can see an attempt to dismantle institutionalized racism in all forms.  This has happened through statements, removing statues and symbols, and a commitment to resources to help bridge the gap between a more inclusive […]

Mamba Out

Kobe Bryant was the transcendent basketball player of his time. I remember watching his highlights as he was preparing to make the jump from high school to the pros and thinking; he can jump out of the gym shoot too. From day one, I was more impressed with his intellect, high SAT scores, and his […]

The celebration that celebrations produced: Ole Miss star pee celebration that ultimately cost his team a chance at winning an important game

Elijah Moore has been the subject of many dubious conversations after his celebration penalty made turned a gimmie extra point into one that was harder and eventually missed. Moore, however is only mimicking what this society is all about, the one-up. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram is laden with the posts of individuals hoping for some minor […]